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Research shows that in today’s competitive market, the perception that a company is socially and environmentally responsible can be a major point of differentiation for consumers.

Consumers view global warming, scarcity of water and oil-based energy sources, and toxic contamination in our environment as issues that businesses can and should address in their operations.

Becoming a green organization can enhance a company's image and create strong brand loyalty among customers and other stakeholders. But, it can also lower operation costs and produce higher revenues. More importantly, it's the right thing to do.

Regenesys provides sustainability & Regenerative consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses. We pride ourselves in improving and streamlining business operations by increasing efficiency and continuous regeneration.

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Our team  in sustainable and regenerative practices  are aligned towards the SDG goals and the P5 methods. 


The Certified Green Project Manager -based certification that supports the commitment of those in project management to maximize sustainability within the project lifecycle, to improve the construct and delivery of goods and services produced as project deliverables, and to use measurable standards to consider and account for environmental impacts in projects.



Regensys Consultants provide support for building owners, architects, engineers, contractors and facility managers who build and maintain high-performance, sustainable properties. Our services include consulting, energy modeling and analysis, water efficiency consulting,  educational programs and product evaluation / documentation services.

Regenesys brings value to the company by demonstrating leadership, versatile communication skills, organizational and technical skills, energy literacy, creativity and time management. An effective Project Manager provides clients with solutions, options, strategies and technologies to meet their objectives. The Project Manager also manages by implementing those strategies and technologies through scheduling, communication, research and creative problem solving. Our Consultants are efficient in organizing, documenting and finalizing projects to ensure that our clients are pleased with results and feel they have been provided a valuable service.  


We can help your company in the following areas:

1 . Sustainable Reporting 

2. Develop Sustainability Management Plan for own company and apply for MARA Grant / SMECorp.

3. Conduct training to Contractors and suppliers

4. Conduct awareness to Clients and Customers about company new products and services that have Sustainability Impact advantages / services

5. Develop Corporate Social Responsibility Program for own company or for clients and contractors

6. Collaborate with Partners and do more Sustainability impact programs to support specific or target communities eg OKU  

7. Create community programs for sustainable projects and get grants from Government

8. Support SMEs that producing Halal Products or Muslim friendly services or hotels by JV with them and create own Sustainable Projects
9. Joint Hands with any Training Provider and develop a Module/Program that need Certification on Sustainability Practices.

10. Introduce your own project or Partner’s project for International Awards. Introduce the projects that are producing Sustainability Products or Services. Co-Brand your company withother Projects for  various Awards

11. Create a program that can introduce your company as training interns or fresh graduates on Sustainability impact. You get new staffs and train them as your CSR Program

12. Go international via International Showcase and get new clients and partners that are already in need of Sustainable projects.

13. Create new networks with Municipalities and introduce your company as having new Sustainability Impact Program

14. Look out for Grants that seeking for projects that can support economic activities or community development or environmental impact solutions.

15. Create new financial business model for own company or partners for Sustainable Impact Business

16. Ability to gather and process whole-building energy usage data, utility rate information, and also identify potential energy conservation opportunities

17. Understanding of major federal tax benefits and local utility rebates associated with energy efficiency and renewable energy applications

18. Ability to perform ROI and life cycle analysis for a variety of energy conservation projects

19. Knowledge of renewable energy cost trends and green power purchase markets in Malaysia

20. Advise clients regarding energy, commissioning, indoor air quality and other technical issues


When you set out to create something that will outlast you, there are a number of characteristic you need to consider:

  • Beneficiaries – who will benefit from the project

  • Method or Medium – how you will do the work

  • Output – what will be produced as a result of your work

  • Metrics – how will success be measured

  • Future Visualization – how the world will be different because of the project

Today’s community planning efforts are taking on work at increased levels of complexity with unprecedented levels of ambition. Without ways to collectively understand and talk about complex systems, even the most ambitious efforts may fall victim to fragmentation, divisiveness, and abstraction. In the creation of a Story of Place, Regenesis works with a project’s myriad diverse stakeholders to develop a common language, shared understanding, and mutual commitment to envisioning who we are in this place are and what we can become together.

Biomimicry is a powerful force for sustainable innovation. However, the reality is that many innovative ideas, biomimetic or not, do not find success in the market. Some fail because they were not designed in context for a specific, viable market need, others due to a lack of resources needed to get to market. Biomimetic solutions are often disruptive innovations that can be seen as a threat to entrenched competitors’ interests. For these reasons, market entrants need to identify mutually beneficial ways of working with industry players and points of entry into a market ecosystem. 

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Identify, understand and manage your environmental, social and governance risks and  Satellite remote sensing to monitor social and environmental impacts. Participate with us  in our  sustainability conventions, sustainability TV, sustainability videos, event marketing, event production, and social media marketing.

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