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What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use (or simply “ISO 50001”) is the international energy management standard that was published in June 2011, and represents the effort of over 50 countries from around the world to develop an international best practice to help organizations better manage energy. 

Why ISO 50001?

  • ISO 50001 is a proven standard. Its implementation leads to reduced energy use and increased productivity and competitiveness. 

  • ISO 50001 is business-friendly. Organizations adopting the ISO 50001 standard are realizing initial energy improvements of 10% or more and achieving net cost savings, mostly through low-cost or no-cost changes to operations. A significant share of multinational companies are already familiar with other ISO management system standards (e.g., ISO 9001 and 14001), substantially strengthening the potential for private sector uptake and integration into sustainability strategies. 

  • ISO 50001 is already being adopted globally. The standard is an accepted and trusted means to energy savings with robust measurement and verification to support climate reductions.

  • The standard enables transparent progress on meeting climate commitments. The COP21 agenda called for globally relevant and transparent benchmarks for measuring progress toward international climate commitments. As an international standard developed in partnership with over 50 countries, ISO 50001 meets this need. Complementary policies and programs for IS0 50001 already exist in key markets such as China, India, the United States, and the European Commission. Direct links can be made between existing programs and new domestic and international climate commitments. 

  • Implementation effects enduring change and impacts. ISO 50001 helps organizations go beyond a simple project-based approach to energy efficiency. By embedding strategic energy management as an integral business practice, companies ensure that energy efficiency opportunities are continually realized and energy gains endure and grow over time.

What you will learn &

Why is certification good for my business?

Certification to ISO 50001 shows your customers, employees and stakeholders that efficient use of energy is prioritised in your organisation and that energy is managed systematically. Implementation of an energy management system can contribute to:

  • ■ Improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption.

  • ■Reducing environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions, without affecting operations and simultaneously increasing profitability.

  • ■ Continual improvement of the energy management systems.

  • ■ Ensuring measurement, documentation, reporting and benchmarking of energy consumption.

  • ■ Credible market communication about energy performance efforts. How can I prepare for certification? It is important that you and your company are committed and set clear target dates for implementation and assessment.


Companies that plan well will often have an advantage and be prepared for certification. This includes:

  • ■ Analysing your energy use and consumption, and identifying areas of significant energy use.

  • ■ Identifying applicable legal requirements.

  • ■ Identifying and prioritising opportunities for performance improvements.

  • ■ Establishing objectives, targets, and improvement programmes. One of the most important things to remember is that development, implementation, and certification of an energy management system is a continuous journey, with the certification audit representing one element of a continuous improvement process.


1)  ISO certification & training (auditors and lead Auditors specialised training)

  • Total - 1699 USD including certificate for  one 

2) Training for Individual (anybody)

  • Total - 1599 USD including certificate for  one 

3) Training for Organisation (company level) 

  • Total - 1699 USD including certificate for  max 23 pax 

  • additional member USD 250 per person 

  • additional certificate  USD 150 per person .


  1. A 20% discount on ESG TV channel air time for corporate video production.  This will save newly certified companies +US$1,000 every time they wish to promote their brand;

  2. A free 10-15 minute virtual interview, normally priced at US$500, that the newly certified company can use as part of its promotional effort;

  3. Free invitation to ongoing Regenesys Asia forums and discussions, normally priced at US$300;

  4. Free attendance to the 2021 Regenesys Asia conferences, normally priced at US$100/ea;

  5. Free membership in the Regenesys Asia Team, normally priced at US$100;

  6. Free specific training ( terms/value apply )  on deploying the APPLUS program for all students who take the Regenesys Asia sustainability training course.

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