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ISO 46001:2019

Water efficiency management systems

Water is essential to life and forms part of the environment. Global concern for the state of the environment has identified that water resources are subject to significant pressures from water demand and from the impacts of climate change. The pressures on organizations to implement water efficiency programmes can arise from limited water resources and exist particularly in resource exploitation activities such as mining, forestry, oil and gas extraction, and in agriculture. They might also arise from commercial, institutional and industrial activities whether water is supplied by water utilities or comes directly from the environment.

As pressure grows to improve the quality of the environment and increase sustainability, organizations of all types and sizes are increasingly turning their attention to the environmental impacts of their activities, products and services. This might include measuring the water footprint of an activity or striving towards a more efficient use of water within an organization. Achieving sound water efficiency performance requires organizational commitment to a systematic approach and to the achievement of continual improvement in water use through a water efficiency management system.


Awareness of ISO 46001 standard

  • Interpret the requirements of ISO 46001 in the context of an audit

  • Plan, conduct, report and follow up on an water management system audit

  • Effective implementation of Water Management System

  • Manage an ISO 46001 audit



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