Demonstrate your company’s commitment to reduce the environmental impact with ISO 14001

Certified sustainable companies enjoy lower costs; higher brand image, sales, revenues, profits and valuation; and improved employee performance, health and happiness.

As a SME (small to mid-size enterprise) business leader, ​you’d certainly like these things; but you are working within a SME budget. ​You’d also love to be a voice in your community and show your corporate responsibility by supporting environmental sustainability; but, given your SME budget, you never felt this was attainable. However, the market is demanding companies become certified sustainable, and rewarding them for it. Becoming certified is not only affordable and synergistic with your goals and budget, but your growth can be accelerated by it.

Your company can enjoy improved brand image, performance, sales, profit, and valuation; while also supporting your community and the environment via the Edenark Group ISO 14001 sustainability certification program.  This is the world’s premier sustainability standard, in +170 countries.  We are published by the United Nations.  We offer you the best business sustainability certification program, with revenue-enhancement and employee-enhancement benefits, at a price designed for SMEs.

For organizations that care about the environment and future  generations…

  • ….and want to be part of a globally-respected solution

  • ….and lead by example

  • ….and be a voice

  • ….and enhance their brand

  • ….and benefit from reduced costs

  • ….and differentiate from competitors; positively impacting revenues

  • ….and help employees be happier, healthier and more productive

The Edenark Group
ISO 14001 Program Offers

  • The world’s premier environmental sustainability program

  • Specifically designed for SMEs

  • Best pricing and ROI

  • Best brand-enhancement and revenue-side value

  • Best employee performance enhancement program

  • 88% of consumers (B2C/B2B) want you to be certified sustainable

  • 71% of consumers will move their business to a certified sustainable company

  • This translates to +$2 Trillion in low hanging fruit

  • +80% of consumers disbelieve a company that self-certifies

  • +80% of consumers believe a company that is certified via a globally-recognized standard

  • …are growing 7.1x faster than their non-certified peers

  • …deliver a +67% premium to investors versus non-certified peers

  • …generate +10% sales growth versus non-certified peers

  • …enjoy +24% Net Income…

  • ...enjoy +11% EBITDA premiums…

  • …and 4.8% annual stock premiums versus non-certified peers

  • 99% - net (inclusive of all CapEx improvements) lower costs

  • 95% - improved employee engagement

  • 90% - reduced capital costs (136 basis points and 1.8% equity)

  • 88% - improved operational performance / cash flow

  • 81% - improved sales/revenues

  • 75% - competitive differentiation/advantage

  • 75% - new customers

  • The Edenark Group ISO 14001 certification was designed for SMEs

  • Six (6) forms

  • Edenark Group staff does application work

  • You review and decide yes/no on recommendations 

  • Promotional/revenue program can commence immediately

  • Certification is on ‘promise that you will’ versus ‘having done’

  • Program does not have pre-established hurdles

  • You can progress at your own pace

  • Varies by size of client

  • Program designed for SMEs

  • Typically, 5-10% of the cost of lesser programs

  • Cost typically less than revenue from 1 new client

  • Most certified sustainable companies are enjoying material sales gains, along with lower costs and improved employee performance

  • Doing the Right Thing for the environment and future generations

  • Being part of a global movement for good

  • Being a voice in your community

  • Being a leader in your industry

  • Differentiating from your competition

  • Enhanced brand image

  • Lower costs

  • Higher sales/revenues/profit/valuation

  • Improved employee performance




Certified Sustainable
Companies Report

How difficult is the certification process?

What about the certification cost?



  1. A 20% discount on ESG TV channel air time for corporate video production.  This will save newly certified companies +US$1,000 every time they wish to promote their brand;

  2. A free 10-15 minute virtual interview, normally priced at US$500, that the newly certified company can use as part of its promotional effort;

  3. Free invitation to ongoing Regenesys Asia forums and discussions, normally priced at US$300;

  4. Free attendance to the 2021 Regenesys Asia conferences, normally priced at US$100/ea;

  5. Free membership in the Regenesys Asia Team, normally priced at US$100;

  6. Free specific training ( terms/value apply )  on deploying the EDENARK program for all students who take the Regenesys Asia sustainability training course.

The above benefits will complement the Zureli promotional offer of listing approved companies certified under the Edenark Group ISO 14001 program on its website, providing free inclusion in five (5) editions of its Spotlight Green (US$1,000 value), providing a free 1 minute corporate video for social media and membership in the Zureli / Edenark Group networking group, and offering convention representation in markets it serves.


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