For over a hundred years, the primarily goal of construction or establishing any set up of different functions and engineering was that the setup/building/industry would endure over time. The great architectural works have succeeded, but their high cost makes these projects unqualified to be repeated.

The intelligent operations (building, commercial, industrial, institutional, construction, domestic etc) concept has evolved from its definition 30 years ago, due to new technological challenges, leaving behind its old meaning, and updating it to present times. Sustainable and affordable energy is one of the important key of success of any business or development of the country as whole.

The “intelligent” processes are those that ultimately can make the difference between current and future way in which we understand energy efficiency in future, although with time and advancement one will want to call them in different ways.

The need is for Smart operations and efficient operations which is totally based on 4 pillars:

  • 1. Innovation,

  • 2. R&D,

  • 3. Analysis, and

  • 4. Implementation

And these above 4 are dependent upon another 4 pillars:

  • i. Feasibility,

  • ii. Suitability,

  • iii. Acceptability,

  • iv. Economical

And all these together lead to sustainable pathway of energy efficiency.

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