About Us

Regenesys Asia   (http://regenesys.reg3nasia.com/ ), is a sustainability division of EmpireBay KL PLT, headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia, provides Sustainability Consultancy for Legacy and Community Projects, Biomimicry Business Strategies , Satellite remote sensing to monitor social and environmental impact, sustainability conventions, sustainability TV, sustainability videos, event marketing, event production, and social media marketing.

Our Mission

To provide quality, sound, effective and affordable solutions to environmental problems geared towards clients needs in compliance with the UN  Sustainability Development Goals.


To become a leading organisation in providing world-class services in Environmental Management, Conservation and Tourism  for sustainable development and good quality life in Asia.

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Our Process

Applying Regenerative Design Process in  social change projects

and building  resilience!


Starting from the commissioning and going through the operation and maintenance of the project

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Future Life

Considering what is happening to the prpoject after its preliminary life, including refurbishment, retrofitting, reuse, adaptation, and in the worst case, demolition and dismantling.

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Preconstruction Design

This involves a series of handoffs between the various design professionals involved in a project .For example, typically the architect will work with the client to come up with a schematic design

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Design & Construction Procument

Considering what follows design stage and proceeds construction phase, including bidding, tendering, procurement.

Our Quality Guarantee

"We are committed to satisfying our customers by providing credible, efficient and professional services."

It is our policy and commitment to ensure impartiality in the provision of our services. As such, we guarantee that commercial, financial or other pressures do not influence the delivery of our services and decision-making.

We safeguard the confidentiality of information obtained or created during the course of testing, inspection, certification and related services. We implement measures to ensure all personnel, including committee members, contractors, or individuals acting on our behalf, abide by these confidentiality requirements.

Our Quality Objectives

  • To ensure that testing, inspection and certification services comply with the applicable Standards and Guides and any other requirements of accreditation bodies.

  • To meet customer requirements.

  • To maintain and enhance the competency of personnel through training.

  • To inculcate understanding among employees that quality is everyone’s responsibility. Thus, requiring their total involvement and commitment.

  • To ensure that all employees are familiar with the quality documentation and implement the policies and procedures in their work.

  • To enhance overall services quality through continual improvement.

  • To ensure impartially of services through periodic review of the controls in place

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